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PRP – Stem Cell Therapy

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Project Description


Recent technological advances have brought regenerative treatments for Hair and Joints to Punta Mita Hospital. The treatment uses PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma), which with stem cell therapy is ​the novel therapeutic approach for ​hair loss and joint disease. PRP is obtained from the blood of the patient undergoing treatment. The blood is placed in a centrifuge in order to separate the red blood cell component from the plasma rich in growth factors. PRP is responsible for naturally healing people’s injuries and preventing them from intensifying.

The use of PRP to treat hair loss most commonly comes from the prevalence of Androgenetic ​Alopecia​ which increases with age, and is estimated to affect more than 50% of men in most cultures (80% caucasian men) and is the most common type of baldness.

Currently, FDA approved medical treatments for cases of androgenetic alopecia have many negative side effects, including: loss of libido, headaches, or increase in body hair (Garg & Manchanda, 2017).  While other efforts may not produce the desired outcome, PRP therapy has been found to significantly increase the growth of dormant hair, improve density and quality of hair, and decrease redness in the scalp. Also, there are no documented studies which relate any adverse effects to PRP treatment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma injection of the knee

This cutting edge technology can also be used for joint rejuvenation at PMH as it helps to stimulate tissue repair, and regenerate weakened torn or damaged ligaments, ligaments and joints.  The highly concentrated amount of platelets, which can range from 3 – 10 times that of normal blood — can be injected into the damaged areas and catalyze the growth of new soft-tissue.

Stem cells in combination with PRP lead to better results and more long term benefits.  Call the hospital today for a consultation for PRP with stem cell therapy for either hair loss or joint therapy.  


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Our patients share their experiences with our specialists

I highly recommend Dr. Najmabadi. With his help, we now have a healthy eight-month-old baby boy who is the giggling, crawling, babbling light of our lives.
Dr. Ahdoot and his staff were amazing!! We could not have asked for a better experience, especially for our first baby!
If you want a doctor who takes time to meet with you, answer questions, ask questions and genuinely wants to help you/get you better GO see Dr. Ohadi!
Dr. Ohadi is so thorough and has the best bed side manner. She actually listens and develops a game plan for my care, then checks back in with me to see how I’m progressing. She truly cares for her patients.
I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Ahdoot!
He became my Obgyn last year when I got pregnant with my first child. I was high risk pregnancy and had a lot of complications due to low progesterone and Gestational diabetes. Dr Ahdoot was nothing short of amazing.
A facility with welcoming atmosphere. We were always treated with warmth by their efficient medical staff and administrative personnel. Also, I can fairly and without a bias say that Dr. Najmabadi is an outstanding medical doctor with regards to knowledge and experience in this field of medicine.