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Screening tests are recommended for people who don’t show symptoms and/or signs of a condition or disease, but may be at an increased risk based on their age, gender or other factors. Some common screening tests include Pap smears for women and colonoscopies for people age 50 and older.
Screening tests are preventive services that serve to detect disease in its early stages. Early detection generally offers the best opportunity for successful treatment.


Now in Punta Mita Hospital, available for our patients a new brand 64 slides Siemens CT Scanner of the best CT scans in the área. By applying the lowest radiation dose possible is of utmost importance both for users, and, of course, our patients. It gives us the ability to diagnose conditions in the abdominal, cardiac and brain. Therefore we can evaluate stroke patients within minutes, coronary angiograms, and we can do CT scans for ab or pelvic lesions as well.
Equipped with FAST CARE technology ( Fully Assisting Scanner ). Which accelerates workflow and lowers radiation exposure to previously unseen levels This makes diagnosis more reliable and reduces patient burden through streamlined examinations.

Dedicated pediatric imaging with right protocols – Besides the ability to offer our patients the combination of maximum speed and exceptional image quality with no cooling delays, our CT Scan has another unique feature: CARE Child, a dedicated pediatric CT imaging tool which makes it possible to scan even the most vulnerable patients, if necessary.


Radiology is one the most dynamic, exciting fields in health care, impacting virtually all fields of medicine. As one of the largest mobile X-Ray providers, MDX-Ray is on the forefront of innovations that are improving the lives of patients.

High tech equipment combined with the intellect and skills of our physicians provides you with exceptional service. Moreover, after your X-Ray is electronically imaged by our technologist the radiologist reviews the images and a report is dictated within minutes of being acquired. Results can be available within two hours.

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+52 01 (329) 688 0059

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It’s always the word of an experience the best advice. Here are some of them…

Amazing service!

Stingray sting. No idea what it was other than the pain, swelling and color were “not cool“ 3 hours afterward !! Went to PMH and received Fantastic Care. People oriented as you would expect, but genuinely so, Dr Alcázar and the Paramedic who saw me were insightful and acted immediately to resolve the pain, confirm no other damage or residual, and prescribe short term medication. A great, friendly and excellent place. Grateful !

John G.


I am so happy to have been a patient of the Punta Mita Hospital, the staff did an amazing job. Thanks so much

Ron N.

Wonderful Facility

Wonderful facility, amazing doctors and nursing staff. After a fall on Christmas eve resulting in a fractured wrist the medical staff took such good care of me. I could not have had better treatment anywhere else.

Jane R.

Punta Mita Hospital

Punta Mita Hospital Strives To Provide Quality Care For All.

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