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Robotic Hysterectomy

Robotic Hysterectomy Q & A

by David Ahdoot, MD, FACOG

What Is a Robotic Hysterectomy?

A robotic hysterectomy is also known as a “laparoscopic hysterectomy.” Robotic hysterectomy is a surgical technique in which the surgeon controls a robotic arm during the procedure. The robotic approach allows the surgeon to essentially have extra “hands” that are able to make extremely precise movements. Robotic hysterectomy can be performed through a small incision thanks to the high degree of control this method offers.

Robotic Hysterectomy

How Is a Robotic Hysterectomy Different From an Open Hysterectomy?

A robotic hysterectomy is less invasive than an open hysterectomy, and it has a much smaller incision. Since the robotic method is so much less invasive, most patients spend less time in the hospital and experience reduced blood loss, fewer complications and less pain than with an open hysterectomy. Ultimately, the great majority of women who opt for a robotic hysterectomy have an easier and faster recovery than they would with an open hysterectomy.

What Can Patients Expect on the Day of the Surgery?

On the day of the surgery, patients undergo a prep period of about one hour. The surgery is typically done under general anesthesia so that patients will be sleeping peacefully during the entire procedure. Patients may be given antibiotics prior to the surgery to help guard against infection. During the procedure, the doctor will make a couple of very small incisions in the abdomen. The robotic instruments are then put into place. The doctor can perform the surgery with the robotic arms precisely handling each surgical instrument. The surgery is viewed on a high-definition screen that renders the reproductive system in 3-D. This allows for very up-close views that far exceed what would be possible with an open hysterectomy. Once the surgery is complete, patients will be taken into recovery, where they will come out of anesthesia. After that, the recovery process begins, first at the hospital and then at home.

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